OSU Electron Microprobe Laboratory






Services - Pricing

OSU's present policy requires campus services to recover their operating costs through charges to projects using the services. Therefore, this laboratory will charge for use of its equipment and supplies and for the services of its staff. These charges defray the costs of operation and are based on relative costs of maintaining staff and equipment. Goods and services provided are billed in accordance with the current rate schedule. Bills are payable within 30 days of invoice.

Pilot projects that show promise but lack funding may be considered. A statement of need documenting (1) the unavailability of financial resources, (2) the scientific merits of the proposed study, (3) the intended research approach, and (4) estimate of costs may be submitted to the Microprobe Laboratory Director. At the discretion of the Director, and with prior written arrangement, charges may be reviewed or amended.

A billing sheet for each user is prepared and records of services and supplies provided to each account will be kept. Your budget must supply, replenish, or pay for materials and services, breakage or damage caused by direct negligence or misuse, and extraordinary use of equipment which results in shortening of useful life. Accounting records are always available for inspection.

Price Scheduling

Direct Use: for University Investigators: Includes microprobe charges only. Technical assistance will be available if needed, but the assumption is that the operator is fully trained (2 hr minimum).

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM $60.00/hr
Late Cancellation: (less the 24 hours before) $40.00

Indirect Use for Investigators from University or Government Agencies

Untrained user can work with an expert user (both present) on the equipment. Includes instrument charges and operator labor.

Available for 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM sessions only. $90.00/hr

Contract Investigations

This category is designed to include jobs from outside corporations that require problem solving on the part of the Probe Lab staff.

Instrument charges - 1 hour minimum.
Includes technical assistance


Technical support services - 1 hour minimum
Includes off-line data reduction and preparation of written reports.


Sample preparation

Sample polishing and mounting in epoxy blockĀ 


Special sample preparation - 1/4 hr minimum